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Karla Solar Solutions Limited
The Karla Solar Solutions Limited, in cooperation with Vegetable Farmers Association in the Volta Region of Ghana is working with the District Ministry of Agriculture and other local partners propose to facilitate the solar electrification of 5 agricultural villages. The project will strongly support health, education, general economic development and community infrastructure. We are looking for NGO and financial support to supply nearly 6,000 vegetable farmers in the Volta Region with Pumpmakers solar systems. We need access to start up capital and grant facility to support the sale of solar irrigation pumps to vegetable farmer in the Volta Region of Ghana. Farmers in the Volta Region would like to use solar irrigation sprinkler system on their vegetable farms. Borehole is not more than 9 meters deep and size of farm averagely is about a football field. Farmers want to replace AC pumps. Farmers who want to replace AC pumps with Solar are more than 2,500 and those who now want pumps to replace manual bucket watering system are more than 3,500. We plan to use micro-finance Company to help farmers get Pumpmakers solar pumping systems. Also we would introduce the use of a pay as you go pumping systems! Karla Solar Solutions Limited in its community development and poverty reduction programs considers the development of Small Scale Irrigation (SSI) as one of the major intervention areas to boost agricultural production in the district. In particular, irrigation is needed to grow crops during the dry season both for creating new family income from lucrative garden crops and for augmenting meager diets during this season when people lack the nutrition provided by fresh vegetables. In addition to the direct benefits to the 100,000 residents of the District, this project will form a replicable model that can be used throughout Ghana. This endeavor may be the first phase of a nationwide Government program of rural solar electrification coupled with efficient small-scale irrigation.



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