Submersible Water Pumps

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An electricity-driven submersible water pump pumps water out of a water well - for potable water - drinking water and salt water - with a delivery height of several hundred meters.

The submersible well pump is a deep well water pump.


  • Water can be pumped from a depth of several hundred meters.


  • Consumption of electricity - power (usually from non-renewable sources) and, if operated with a power unit / power aggregate, additional consumption of fuel or diesel and oil.

Maintenance works:

  • Fuel or diesel and oil must be replenished if operated with a power unit / aggregate.

Running costs:

  • Electricity - Power
  • Fuel or diesel and oil if operated with a power unit / aggregate (high power costs for constant delivery).


  • It is easy to replace an already existing submersible water well pumps together with a local company and install a new water well pump.


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