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Water, the white gold

“May ni Mwoyo” - “water is life” is the slogan of the Kikuyu of people in Kenya, because water is the basis for humans, animals and plants. The blue planet earth is covered by 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of it, whereby the fresh water proportion amounts to only 2.6%. Only 0.007 per cent of the water existing world-wide can be used for human consumption and nevertheless it is such a large quantity that it fhas made it possible for humans to survive for thousands of years. But not all humans have access to water.

The company Pumpmakers has, for this reason, invented a solar pump particularly for those regions capable of supplying free water from the underground using the energy of the “sun”,so as to provide access for more people to the water.

The "water is life" human water balance

Child is drinking polluted dirty water from a pond in Africa - water is life.

One must consider that the human body consists, depending upon gender, of 46-75% water, which fulfills the following tasks: 

  • Solvents for electrolytes and nutrients
  • Means of transport for the material supply and the disposal of waste products and unusable residual substances
  • Medium for heat exchange to maintain body temperature
  • Reaction component during the metabolic process, i.e. the digestion of nutrients and the building of the body's biomasses. 
  • Water is a hydrogen supplier for hydrogenation processes.
Sick women in cause of dirty polluted water in Africa - water is life.

Illnesses as a consequence of polluted water

Water is life, we should drink at least 2 litres of fluid daily, to create a fluid buffer, as we always lose water through sweating, breathing and digestion.  If a water deficiency develops in the body, it then leads to lack of water and dryness in cells and tissue. 

Numerous health effects can occur thereby:

daytime tiredness, chronic fatigue, metabolic dysfunction, reduced cell function, prevention of utilisation of the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins in the body, toxins in the body are no longer filtered out, cell elasticity decreases, failure of body and brain, crystallisation in cells and vessels, gout, arthritis, obesity, constipation, emphysema, cataract, glaucoma, tissue becomes stiff, bones become brittle, tendons and muscles tear easier, Parkinsons, muscle cramps, skin diseases, wrinkles, premature aging, digestive complaints, ulcers, colitis, gum disease, angina, arthritis, asthma, auto immune disease, back pain, diabetes, heart pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, blood circulation disorders, weakening of the heart muscles, oedema, heart/ back complaints, headaches, migraines, mystery pains, allergies, depression, hormone imbalance, sudden deafness, ringing in the ears, tinnitus, dizziness (Meniere), stroke, weakening against viruses, bacteria, fungi, increased infection (ear, hepatitis, meningitis), cancer, leukemia, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and many more. 

Even 15% loss of water from the body can be fatal; in other words, the sufficient supply of clean drinking water is critical for maintaining health. However, many developing countries suffer from a lack of drinking water.

Women is fetching water from a solar well - water is life.

Clean drinking water with the DIY Solar Pump

The project "Water is Life" of the Solar Company Pumpmakers company use their own developed solar pump system to combat these problems,by providing people in poor and remote rural regions with access to water - without incurring running costs, which would again be insurmountable for many.


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