Solar powered water pumps

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The solar powered water pump / solar power water pump is a water well pump which obtains the necessary power - electricity - through photovoltaic panels on the surface in order to pump water out of potable, drinking and salt water wells to the surface.

Solar powered water pump for the water supply in rural and remote areas.


  • Water gets pumped constantly if enough sunlight is available.


  • High acquisition and installation costs.
  • Installation needs to be carried out by an expert.
  • In case of a malfunction, water pumping is not possible.
  • Only experts can carry out installation, replacement, maintenance and repair works.

Maintenance works

  • Maintenance as well as renewal of the battery system - if available.
  • In the case of electronic malfunctions an expert is required, and long waiting periods may occur if special components have to be ordered.
  • During maintenance work, no pumping of water is possible!

Running costs

  • Costs of experts if an electronic problem occurs, during which replacement time no water is available.


  • It takes only one to two days to replace an existing submersible solar pumps together with a local company and install a new water well pump system.


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