Why Solar Pump DIY?

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DIY Solar Pump means: To be one step ahead of the others!

Fetching water from a water well by hand.

Invest once - independent forever!

The PUMPMAKERS solar pumps makes you, as well as your project, completely independent of consumable energy. With a one-time investment in the DIY, even in the most remote and rural regions, you can have free and continuous access to the elixir of life, water.

… and you will be a huge step ahead of many people in the industrialised world.

Even in these times in which the powerful have control and set the prices, independence implies an abundance of a precious feature!

Miles ahead with DIY Solar Pump!

Pumping water out of a water well in Africa with a solar pump.

Maintenance-free Solar Pump

…since the pump is fitted with a special pump piston as well as being constructed with wear-free materials.

  • Maintenance means time = ordering spare parts
  • Maintenance means costs = delivery, material, labour
  • Maintenance means dependence = manufacturer

...the DIY Solar Pump allows you to disregard these factors, which are hugely  important for special applications.

Farming and livestock breeding in Africa.

Sustainable development - DIY Solar Pump

Ecological sustainability means that nature and the environment will be preserved for future generations. In other words, we must ensure that our natural environment is treated with greater care and use and implement alternative energies to a greater extent.

With the DIY Solar Pump a major contribution can be made to preserving our natural environment and the need for a continuous water supply can be reliably addressed without compromising the ability of  future generations to meet their own needs.

The DIY Solar Pump also ensures social sustainability, by promoting the  sustainable development of society such that there is an equilibrium of social forces and, a sustainable society worth living for is afforded to all people in the long run. Sustainability reports prove that "Water" is the basis for sustainable development and this "free water" is provided by the DIY Solar Pump.

Fetching water by hand from a well in Africa.

Secure with the DIY Solar Pump

The DIY Solar Pump secures water supply through:

  • Cost efficiency: invest once - independent forever
  • Hand-powered emergency pump function: Additional security for unexpected failure
  • Saltwater resistance: also suitable for saline water; no rusting of the pump piston system, the pumping pipes or the pump rods
  • High delivery volume: besides supplying sufficient drinkning water, it is also usable for irrigation
  • Deeper pumping depths: also for water, which must be pumped from the deep underground, suitable to do so without having to forego high delivery volume
  • Design: a do-it-yourself construction means it is easily and quickly assembled
DIY Solar Pump is a well pump for pumping water in rural and remote areas.

Comparison with various systems

Compared with the conventional (partly outdated) systems, the DIY Solar Pump will already pay for itself within two years and supply water daily and free of charge from underground!

Hand pump for water wells to pump water out of a well.

Hand Pumps

Research indicates that in Africa alone 90% of the hand pumps already break during the first few years and require maintenance as well as spare parts, in order to be function again for a short time.

The windmill pump is a good water well pump in windy areas.

Water Windmill Pumps

In wind-poor regions windmill water pumps are not efficient, as they can't provide a continuous water supply. In addition, continual maintenance is required in order to maintain efficient operation.

Solar powered water pump for the water supply in rural and remote areas.

Solar Water Pumps - Submersible

A large proportion of the solar powered water pumps are manufactured  in China. Here the DIY Solar Pumps & PM Solar Pump Systems are clearly miles ahead in terms of quality.

Significant feature-related differences are to be found in the saltwater resistance, something which a submersible solar pump cannot provide. They also experience a large degree of wear-and-tear when used with sandy water.

The generator driven water well pump is a water pump for remote areas.

Electric generator-driven well pumps

Electric generator-driven water well pumps have high running costs, as the fuel must be refilled daily. They put a strain not just  on the environment, but also on the financial resources of the people.


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