Pump Piston

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The pump pistons of the DIY Solar Pump are saltwater-resistant and maintenance-free - no changing of seal gaskets is necessary!

Furthermore, the delivery output and delivery heights at the pump piston can be increased on request. In this case, a special DIY Solar Pump corresponding to your requirements would be developed.

We’d be pleased to assist you in choosing the optimum configuration of your DIY Solar Pump.

Pump piston for the water well construction to pump water from wells.

Further Options

  • Additional installation of a water tank below or next to the DIY Solar Pump to use water from there with inherent pressure for desalination, drinking water supplies or other uses.
  •   Construction of irrigation- and/or desalination plants or engines.


Delivery height = Distance between the ground level and the water level.
The delivery height does not depend on the water well depth, but on the water level in the water well

The lift at the pump piston can be set easily at each DIY Solar Pump.
This results in the further benefit that the average degree can be chosen in order to increase or decrease the output.


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