DIY Solar Pumps

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With the DIY Solar Pump the water is pumped to the surface using a pump piston system which is located in the water well.

The drive is located on the surface and is operated by means of electricity from photovoltaic panels or another source. 
The drive is transmitted with a gearbox and powers a crank lever. This causes vertical reciprocation and the water is pumped to the surface and is freely discharged.

DIY Solar Pump is a well pump for pumping water in rural and remote areas.


  • Simple installation.
  • Water can be pumped out of up to 100 meters depth.
  • Emergency Hand Pump Function.
  • No running costs and no maintenance - also NO changing of seal gaskets in the pump piston and no maintenance or renewal of a battery system.
  • An existing hand pump or windmill in a rural or remote water well can easily be replaced with the “DIY Solar Water Pump”.
  • Saltwater-resistant.

Further Advantages of the DIY Solar Pump

For the construction of the DIY Solar Pump, all advantages and disadvantages of currently available water well pumps were taken into account, and the disadvantages eradicated.

  • Inexpensive acquisition and simple installation.
  • Water can be pumped from a depth of several hundred meters- we can adjust your water pump to any required water depth and water quantity.
  • Worldwide / International application area (and delivery).
  • The water well pump is set-up so that constant water pumping is possible during daylight hours. Direct sunlight is not needed; water is pumped even when there is heavy cloud coverage.
  • No running costs and no maintenance - also NO changing of seal gaskets in the pump piston system and no maintenance or renewal of a battery system.
  • An existing hand water pump or windmill water pump in a water well can easily be replaced with the “DIY Solar Pump”.
  • A simple readjustment to hand drive enables water pumping also during the night or in case of unexpected problems -Emergency Hand Pump Function.
  • Stable solar water well pump fixed into the ground with concrete.
  • Saltwater-resistant.

Information: The water in some regions has a minor salt content and is suitable for consumption, but not for delivery with water pumps made of conventional materials which are not resistant to corrosion. 

The DIY Solar Pump is saltwater-resistant: Both the pumping piston and the pump rods are made of a special high-quality steel, preventing corrosion and the need for maintenance even when pumping highly concentratedsaltwater.

NO Maintenance works

  • A simple readjustment to hand drive enables water pumping also during the night or in case of unexpected problems - Emergency Hand Pump Function!

NO Running costs



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