Hand Pump: Volanta - Deep Well Pumps

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The Volanta hand pump is a deep well water pump for rural areas.

Technical Data

Type of pump: Lift pump
Range of lift: 70 meters
Performance: 16 liters p. minute at 20 meters
  8 liters p. minute at 40 meters
  4 liters p. minute at 70 meters
Diameter of water well: min. 100mm
Type of well: Drilled water wells

General Information about the Volanta Hand Pumps

The Volanta hand-pump is used in deep wells with a maximum water lift height of up to 70 meters. However, from a depth of 40 meters, the pumping rate reduces drastically. 

The travel/upstroke is variable depending on the water lift height. Volanta hand pumps are quite difficult to install, as extensive masonry and labour is required. Maintenance can be carried out with commonly available tools. 

Due to the rotational movement there is a high risk of injury. Children should always stay away from these pumps. They are mainly used in developing regions such as Africa, India, South America and Asia, for the pumping of water.


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