Hand Pump: Rope Pumps

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Rope Pump: Hand Pumps

Technical Data

Type of pump: Rope and Bucket pump
Range of lift: 30 meters



20 liters p. minute at 10 meters
10 liters p. minute at 20 meters
5 liters p. minute at 30 meters

Diameter of water well: min. 100mm
Type of well: Digged or drilled water wells

General Information about the Rope Pumps

The rope and bucket pump has a unique design. A rope interspersed with plastic balls approximately every one meter, is connected to a ceramic guide box at the bottom of the well

Through a rotary motion on the surface, they are moved up and down, and the bucket in the box is filled with water, and brought to the surface.

This system is mainly used in dug wells, and can be maintained with commonly available tools. They are mainly used in developing regions such as Africa, India, South America and Asia.


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