Hand Pump: India Mark II MK 2 - Deep Well Pumps

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Technical Data

Type of pump: Lift pump
Range of lift: 45 meters
Performance: 12 liters p. minute at  7 meters
12 liters p. minute at 25 meters
12 liter p. minute at 45 meters
Diameter of water well: min. 100mm
Type of well: Drilled or digged water wells

General Information about the India Mark II / MK 2 Hand Pumps

The India Mark II (MK2) is a direct-drive lift-pump. The maximum water lift height for effective pumping is 45 meters. The India Mark 2 (MK II) is manufactured to Indian standards and is not rust-resistant. 

Specially trained personnel are required for the installation, maintenance and replacement of India Mark II (MK 2) hand-pumps. They are mainly used in developing regions such as Africa, India, South America and Asia.


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