Hand Pump: Afridev - Deep Well Pumps

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The Afridev hand pump is a deep well water pump for remote areas.

Technical Data: Afridev Hand Pump

Type of pump: Lift pump
Range of lift: 45 meters
Performance: 22 liters p. minute at  7 meters
15 liters p. minute at 25 meters
10 liters p. minute at 45 meters
Diameter of water well: min. 100mm
Type of well: Drilled or digged water wells

General Information about the Afridev Hand Pumps

The use of this pump is particularly common in many parts of Africa. It has the following features:

  • The bushings are made of plastic, and the pump is hot-dip galvanised (zinced).
  • Varies settings for the handles for differing water-levels (heights).
  • Custom pedestal and water run-off lengths are possible.
  • Suctions rods with various threaded-connections (threads, hooks or eyes).
  • 225mm lift-height provides a water flow rate of up to 990 litres of water per minute.
  • The maximum effective lift-height is 45 meters.
  • For installation and maintenance special tools from Afridev are needed.
  • Implemented mainly in Africa, India, South America and Asia.


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