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Dietmar Stuck has been active in the water well drilling industry since 2000. He worked for S&K Brunnenbohr in Austria where he drilled more than 350 drinking water wells in over 7 years as well as for the Bunbury Drilling Company in Western Australia where he drilled water wells for dewatering and drinking water supply up to a depth of 1,000 metres.

In 2009, he shifted his focus towards sustainable development. He carried out surveys for water projects on behalf of humanitarian aid organizations in remote areas of six African countries. On many occasions he saw that the water pumps in use were unsuitable for the local conditions.

“In the Maasai region I saw people walk over 30 miles a day searching for scarce amounts of water for their families. I saw broken hand pumps because of a lack of maintenance. I saw fuel-driven water pumps not working because of the lack of money to run them. And, existing water wells were useless.

These terrible conditions sparked the idea for a solar-powered water pump that avoids all these disadvantages and that can easily be manufactured locally by companies and entrepreneurs.”

GERHARD NAGL – Project Manager

“I am fascinated by innovation and global social responsibility. As a professional geographer, focusing on regional development in rural areas, I know that development can only take place where basic needs are met as well. Pumpmakers addresses precisely these issues by providing access to water – the basis of all life.”

As project manager for import and export Gerhard Nagl supports customers and partners all over the world in their quest for a better water supply. In doing so, he puts new business management insights (his second field of expertise) into practice.


“My research and thesis on the subject “Thinking globally – socially active and educationally effective” dealt with the challenging water situation and associated local living conditions in many African countries. Their community members confirmed that continuous access to clean drinking water is a most basic requirement for build and improve the lives of thousands of people.”

Water is the cornerstone for any development. Water is life, water creates work – water makes education possible.

Individuals, companies and organizations all over the world are encouraged to help tackle the global challenge, to think globally and create a new basis to secure the future for our next generation through sustainable action. Pumpmakers contributes significantly to this goal. “My task is to help our community to grow and distribute our systems in such a way as to ensure that our solar pumps reach the people that need them most.”

"Many small people, who in many small places do many small things, can alter the face of the world." (African Proverb)


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