NIGERIA - Solar Pump for Magami Village in Nigeria

Bild des Benutzers Gerhard Nagl

Global One Nigeria have been installed a Pumpmakers PM Life Station in the remote Village Magami, located in Sumaila local government area of Kano state in April 2017. 

There was a pump close to the village centre, but it was a hand pump and didn't pump much water or even function all the time. So the people used to fetch water from a drying up stream about 20 minutes’ walk away.

The new installed solar driven PM Life Station, with a capacity of up to 16,000 litres of water being pumped out from a depth of 30m each day, now has opened the door to a brighter future for some 4,000 local people.

Global One says: "There is a definite need for further pump projects with Pumpmakers, because they work without running costs."


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