AWARD-WINNING CONCEPT – Over the last few years, Dietmar Stuck’s innovative concept has won numerous awards:

Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2015

Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2015

Green Business Award 2014

TUN Fonds 2014

The non-profit TUN-Fonds is committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. In this regard, projects are sponsored if they contribute to energy efficiency and the protection of the environment, environmentally conscious use of telecommunications and the conservation of the environment, nature and species. The potential of telecommunications and mobile devices should be used creatively in these projects.

Ben & Jerrys – Join our Core 2013

A panel of judges, led by the brand’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield, selected the nine winners from over 400 entries across the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. SUSTAINABLE, FAIR AND EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS “This year’s Join Our Core competition was extremely competitive,” says Jerry. “All of the finalists are worthy entrepreneurs with aspirations of operating businesses formed to directly address social or environmental problems in our global community.” “The Join Our Core winners show a motivation from deep within to serve the whole and to make sure solutions are sustainable, fair and efficient,” adds Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO of Ashoka.

TedX Speaker 2013

Innovation-Slot 2012

Social Impact Award 2011

build! Ideenwettbewerb 2011

In recognition of new ideas, services, products and sustainable innovations, the Start-up Center build! organizes an annual competition. Its goal is to promote the development of ideas and to transform them into sustainable start-up projects. The winner for 2011, Dietmar Stuck, was awarded first place for his innovative idea of a maintenance-free Solar Pump that secures the supply of drinking water as part of the theme “Water is Life” in developing countries.

Energy Globe Award 2011

Mehrblick Idea Lounge 2010