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The world’s first Do-it-Yourself Solar Pump System for everyone.



The PUMPMAKERS PLATFORM is a virtual marketplace that helps people help themselves.
We provide individuals, local companies, NGO’s and volunteers with free access to the easy-to-use Do-It-Yourself Solar Pump and a global network to implement projects for everyone where there is a need of water.


DIY Solar Pump – Live View

Since May 2010 this DIY Solar Pump has been in operation without maintenance.
In the last 5 years we have already pumped more than 35.640.000 litres water.

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By joining our global network or becoming actively involved YOU can:


  • Find local Pumpmakers and point out regions in need of water
  • Build and sell one or more DIY Solar Pumps
  • Present your community or organization to a much larger global community



Join it

Global Network
Get involved, share your views and exchange experiences to help reduce the worldwide water shortage and poverty.
Join our global social network and use our world map to establish new contacts all over the world with fellow Pumpmakers, NGOs, organizations, companies, press, supporters or like-minded people all over the world.

Make it

Become a Pumpmaker
Simply follow our DIY instructions – complete with construction plans and videos – to build your own solar pump, for yourself and others.
Use our Webshop to buy the pump kit with the gear & piston unit and other products needed.

Provide it

Start a Business
Is Sustainability more than just a buzzword for you?
You are eager to help people help themselves?
Then our business concept for (new) entrepreneurs is the right choice for you. It assists you each step of the way! It helps you to start your own business and even suggests suitable microfinance opportunities.

Request it

Pumpmakers provides all the support you need to build, install and distribute the DIY Solar Pump.
If you have a specific question, you can contact our support directly or ask the global community. It’s a great source of Information.


The Challenge – Global Water Crisis


Today, almost 800mn people still have no access to safe, clean drinking water. The United Nations estimates that by 2025 up to 1.8bn people will be living in countries or regions with extreme water scarcity. About two-thirds of the world’s population will be affected by the consequences of our global water shortage. Some 3mn people die each year from the consequences of water-related diseases – i.e. about 10,000 people every day – most of them are children under the age of five.

The reliance on common water pump systems that are simply unsuitable for most local conditions exacerbates the problem:

  • Expensive generator-driven pumps that need unaffordable amounts of fuel
  • Windmills that only pump water if there is enough wind
  • Imported underwater pumps that are expensive and too complex to be produced locally
  • Hand pumps that require a lot of maintenance (which, in many cases, is not available locally)

cause more problems than they solve, thus adding to the global water crisis.


The Solution


To supply water wherever it is needed, Pumpmakers has developed the world’s most innovative solar water pump.

Thanks to the latest technology and a patented concept, the DIY Solar Pump helps people access water even in the remotest corners of the world and provides a unique opportunity to those wanting to start their own business.

The Pumpmakers DIY Solar Pump is both a cost-effective and a sustainable solution.

  • Incurs no running costs
  • Uses renewable solar energy to easily pump water out of water wells
  • Pumps efficiently up to a depth of 100m/300ft
  • Allows water to be pumped at night, using the optional hand pump
  • Requires NO maintenance (high-quality maintenance-free materials make this possible)
  • Salt water resistant to avoid corrosion
  • Affordable and can be manufactured all over the world to foster local economic
  • Easily assembled  locally, with local skills and parts.


Above all, the Pumpmakers platform gives everyone free access to easy-to-use DIY instructions, construction plans and videos to build and install our DIY Solar Pump.


DIY_Assembly-Installation-1Data Sheet – DIY Solar Pump Icon_Faqs_AboutPumpmakers-1Introduction  


About Pumpmakers


In 2010, our team of engineers and constructors took on the challenge posed by the global water crisis head-on to design and develop a truly self-sustainable water pump system.

Our goal is clear: millions of people all over the world should have access to safe, clean drinking water.

A year later, we presented the DIY Solar Pump as the very first maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant water pump system that can be manufactured locally, runs entirely on solar power, needing no back-up electricity and incurring no additional costs.

Besides that, the DIY Solar Pump system can easily be set up to replace pre-installed water pumps, such as hand water pumps, generator-powered pumps or windmill water pumps that are typically found in rural and remote areas.

PM Pumpmakers GmbH is an Austrian enterprise, specializing in the research and development of power and water, using renewable energy sources. The focus is on innovative solar pump systems – such as the patented DIY Solar Pump – for water well construction and agricultural purposes, meeting the needs of a fast-growing market.





Dietmar Stuck has been active in the water well drilling industry since 2000. He worked for S&K Brunnenbohr in Austria where he drilled more than 350 drinking water wells in over 7 years as well as for the Bunbury Drilling Company in Western Australia where he drilled water wells for dewatering and drinking water supply up to a depth of 1,000 metres.

In 2009, he shifted his focus towards sustainable development. He carried out surveys for water projects on behalf of humanitarian aid organizations in remote areas of six African countries. On many occasions he saw that the water pumps in use were unsuitable for the local conditions.

“In the Maasai region I saw people walk over 30 miles a day searching for scarce amounts of water for their families. I saw broken hand pumps because of a lack of maintenance. I saw fuel-driven water pumps not working because of the lack of money to run them. And, existing water wells were useless.

These terrible conditions sparked the idea for a solar-powered water pump that avoids all these disadvantages and that can easily be manufactured locally by companies and entrepreneurs.” – Dietmar Stuck, Founder & CEO


GERHARD NAGL – Project Manager


I am fascinated by innovation and global social responsibility. As a professional geographer, focusing on regional development in rural areas, I know that development can only take place where basic needs are met as well. Pumpmakers addresses precisely these issues by providing access to water – the basis of all life.

As project manager for import/export, I not only support our customers and partners all over the world in their quest for a better water supply, I also put new business management insights (my second field of expertise) into practice.
I am therefore extremely pleased to be part of this exciting project.




In the context of research for my thesis on the subject “Thinking globally – socially active and educationally effective”, I dealt with the challenges of many African countries with regard to their water situation and the associated local living conditions. From the community members` surveyed and the portrayals, it emerged that only with continuous access to clean drinking water can the base for a structured livable existence be formed.

Water is and remains the foundation stone for any development, as
Water is Life
Water creates Work and
Water makes Education possible.

Therefore we are all encouraged to take steps in favour of handling the global challenge that we think globally and lay the cornerstone with a sustainable effect in this one world, for a secure future, for all subsequent generations.

With the DIY Solar pump Pumpmakers provides a substantial share for this desired sustainable development. My assignment is to extend our community and to distribute this system in a way that it is used where it`s needed most.

An old African proverb states:
“If a lot of people, in many places do a lot of small things they can change the face of the world”


Pumpmakers Platform


The Pumpmakers Platform has been set up to reach as many people as possible.
Its goal is to provide those in need with quick and easy access to safe, clean drinking water and support those who want to start a business:

  • Using the DIY instructions, construction plans and videos that can be downloaded from our Pumpmakers platform, everyone can become a Pumpmaker!
  • Entrepreneurs and companies have the opportunity to use our business concept to start their own Pumpmakers business.
  • Pumpmakers businesses, water well construction companies and NGOs can present their work in our global directory.
  • Individuals can support each other and pinpoint already existing water wells as well as regions that still lack a steady supply of water.


Towards a Brighter Future


Our DIY Solar Pump is a vital contribution to reducing water shortages and poverty worldwide.
It is an ideal solution for everyone who wants to become energy independent of electricity, save costs and improve the quality of life for others with a steady supply of water.

It is also an ideal solution for development aid organizations striving for sustainability and increased self-sufficiency among the population through self-help assistance.

Water is our most precious resource. Water is life! We are convinced that showing people how they can help themselves to sustainably access water will help them build better lives for themselves.


Clean Drinking Water for Ndzofuine


Since 2012 Pumpmakers solar pumps have been supplying the remote village Ndzofuine near Chidenguele in Mozambique with clean drinking water.

With a capacity of up to 5.000 litres of water being pumped up from a depth of 80m each day, the system has opened the door to a brighter future for some 800 local people.


DIY Solar Pump – Live View

Since May 2010 this DIY Solar Pump has been in operation without maintenance.
In the last 5 years we have already pumped more than 35.640.000 litres water.

Get your system up and running – Sign Up here.

Update every 15 minutes – press F5 or click the refresh button to get the latest view.



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